About Us

Defence Shed started in 2011 as an online Facebook page with 50 members, since then it has grown to over 5,000+ members.  The Facebook page gives veterans and family members living in rural and remote locations across the country a vital link to the Defence Community and much needed social and welfare support.  The Defence Shed extends its support services and camaraderie to the police and emergency services community. The first physical Defence Shed was at 31 Nile Street Port Adelaide.

Defence Shed is based on the Men’s Shed Principle and offers assistance to all Veterans, police and emergency services in need.  The Defence Shed is organised and managed by current and ex- ADF personnel from various ADF backgrounds, who have a passion to assist their mates in need.

Defence Shed provides support to returned servicemen & women, current serving ADF, Police and emergency services and their families in a safe nurturing environment by providing them with mateship and understanding.  The Defence Shed offers a range of health and wellbeing activities such as; Cooking programs, woodworking and metal work projects, photography, gardening, camping, fundraising initiatives, social activities and counselling though various professional networks, along with connections to others within the Defence, Police and emergency service’s that can offer assistance.

Defence Shed acknowledges the high prevalence of PTSD and other mental health challenges amongst ADF and first responders and understands the benefits and importance of being socially connected and supported in managing an illness. 

Who We Support